Tonight Apple released the fourth beta version of iOS 13.2, 13.2 and iPadOS tvOS 13.2, and watchOS 6.1 beta 5. At the moment, the test Assembly is available only to registered developers.

As usual, cupertinos share full list of changes made in the new beta versions. According to the description, the developers of Cupertino held a number of work to eliminate bugs and defects, and worked on the stability of operating systems.

While users found in test builds, nothing really new. Judging from past experience we can say that now cupertinos make small changes, make minor interface changes and eliminate defects. On this hint, and the small weight of the test assemblies.

At the moment it is unknown when exactly Apple plans to release a final iOS version 13.2, 13.2 iPadOS, tvOS 13.2 6.1 and watch OS. It is believed that the updates will be released next week.


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