Many users warmly welcomed the updated MacBook Pro. However, shortly after the release it turned out that the novelties there are a number of shortcomings. Initially, users found that the top “Proshka” with an Intel Core i9 is overheating. However, the company recently released an update that was supposed to fix this problem. Today, Apple began distributing another update aimed at resolving problems in the MacBook Pro 2018.

Cupertinos not misleading, what innovations were made in the new update macOS 10.13.6. However, many believe that the update will completely solve the problem of throttle. Judging by the reviews, latest have not been fully addressed in the past update.

It is assumed that the new patch will correct the problem with speakers in the new MacBook Pro. According to some, it was related to the throttle, so the company and prepared the update.

We will remind that not so long ago, a Reddit user found a solution to the sound problems in the new “prošek”. For this purpose he proposed to connect to the laptops external sound card. In this case, the audio plays without any noticeable squeaks and rattles.


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