Release Shortcuts to take place in September, but Apple continues to add new features.

In the new version, Apple has finally launched the sync created by processes on other devices. Now you do not have to recreate them on all your smartphones and tablets.

App Shortcuts received the access information from the clipboard to location-based data to work in Siri, as well as to some components of the program “Health”.

The processes that have your interface (this is usually enabled programs SiriKit) are now displayed correctly in main window Shortcuts. This applies to services to call a taxi, messenger, banking applications and so on.

Apple also greatly increased the possibility of dictation. You can now specify the utility when she stops to listen to the user. For example, after a long break or short. No longer have to interrupt the dictation manually. In addition, to control the program by voice, you can even on the lock screen (from the widget).

The program Shortcuts were presented at WWDC 2018. Is a utility that allows you to combine several different actions occurring in the system, in the chain. For example, one voice command to call a taxi, send a message to the wife and to include favorite playlist.


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