Over the past couple of weeks users have found in iOS 12 a few bugs and errors that prevented the use of Apple mobile devices. One of the most frustrating shortcomings is the problem of charging. However, the 12.0.1 update iOS, which came out tonight, the cupertinos have fixed this bug.

Shortly after the release of the final version of iOS 12 users began to complain that iPhone and iPad stopped charging when connecting the cable. To solve this problem you need to unlock the device and reconnect the cable. It was assumed that the problem was associated with a new mechanism of protection of user data, which let the hacking of the device via the Lightning port. IOS 12.0.1 Apple fixed the problem.

Along with this, the cupertinos have also fixed a minor bug which Apple devices sometimes refused to connect to Wi-Fi at 5 GHz, and also tweaked the Bluetooth work.

There have also been some other changes associated with the interface. For example, after upgrading to iOS 12.0.1 subtitles in the video should start to display correctly in all applications.


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