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Apple releases second beta of iOS 12.2 to registered developers. Update came out a week and a half after the release of the first test Assembly. It is expected that the participants in the testing program will have access to iOS 12.2 beta 2 during the day. What’s new in iOS 12.2 beta 2? Will cover in this article.

iOS 12.2 is the second major upgrade for iOS 12. A key innovation of iOS 12.2 is to support applications created on the new Swift programming language 5. Such applications run faster and take up significantly less space in memory iPhone and iPad.

The final version of iOS 12.2, which can happen after the March presentation of Apple, all the major apps should be updated for Swift 5. In this regard, the installation of iOS 12.2 allow users to reclaim memory in its iPhone and iPad, as well as speed up the device due to the fact that the applications will run faster.

Apple has released iOS 12.2 beta 2 — what’s new, complete list of new features

  • The build number of iOS 12.2 beta 2 — 16E5191.
  • Fixed bug with group calls on FaceTime, which allows users to listen to.
  • Improves stability all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Fix bugs discovered in the first beta version of iOS 12.2.
  • Conducted work on the optimization of the operating system on all devices.

The final version of iOS 12.2 to be held in February-March 2019.


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