Apple has released a new version of the iOS operating system 13, which will receive a smartphones since iPhone SE.

Apple has officially released iOS 13 for smartphones iPhone, starting with version 6S and 6S Plus, including iPhone SE and later versions.

The company said that the most important update — improve system performance and speed. It is expected that applications will start up faster, and unlock using face, even for the iPhone X will be significantly more likely.

One of the main innovations was the dark theme that changes the interface and the Wallpapers of all standard applications. It can be switched on and off manually or on a preset schedule.

The company has released a new system of login in the apps, that is programs (Facebook, Google, “Vkontakte”) will appear button “Sign in with Apple”. However, the company will not transfer personal data to the services.

Keyboard received a continuous I / o now will be enough to drag your finger from letter to letter to type a word.

In addition, the operating system will inform the user that the program writes its movement, even if he gave consent. The system will warn if the application is too much data and will offer to disable the feature.

The application “Find my iPhone” and “Find Friends” were merged to “Locator”. In Safari to download files you no longer need to open them in third-party applications — are stored in the Files.

Photos are grouped by day, month and year in the “smart tape”, showing the best shots and the bad shots and duplicates will be hidden. Video can now be deployed, crop and correct the perspective. On the rollers it is possible to throw the filter and carry out the color correction.

Users will begin to receive iOS 13 on September 19. But 30 September is expected to release iOS 13.1 and iPadOS — operating system for the iPad.

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