Apple has unexpectedly released a small iOS updates and iPadOS. The main innovation iOS iPadOS 13.2.2 13.2.2 and was Troubleshooting with the multitasking that users actively complained in the last few weeks.

In addition to eliminating errors due to which applications for the iPhone and iPad could quit unexpectedly in the background cupertinos also decided a number of other shortcomings. In particular, Apple solved the problem with cellular communication after a call on the iPhone and fixed the defect, which answers to the e-mail message, S/MIME encrypted, appeared in unreadable format.

Also was subjected to standard work to improve the stability and performance of operating systems. According to the reviews of users who have already installed updates on their devices, no problem with iOS and 13.2.2 13.2.2 iPadOS was observed. Systems are stable and running and background apps are really never closed.


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