Apple released iOS updates 13.2.3 13.2.3 and iPadOS. In cupertinos updates fixed a number of bugs associated with some standard apps and the search function.

According to the official description of updates in iOS iPadOS 13.2.3 13.2.3 and a bug was fixed where the system search and search for email, files and notes to work correctly, also solved the problem that prevent apps to download content in the background. In addition, the cupertinos have made a number of smaller fixes aimed at improving stability and speed of mobile operating systems.

Recall that Apple is currently actively testing iOS iPadOS 13.3 and 13.3. In the middle of last week cupertinos seeded the second beta versions of these OSes. It is not excluded that a new test build iOS iPadOS 13.3 and 13.3 will be released tonight.


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