New major update for the Apple Watch, you can bet!

After iOS 12 Apple released the final version of watchOS 5. In the new operating system for Apple Watch introduces many improvements and increased speed. Install watchOS 5, everyone can now Watch via the app on the iPhone.

WatchOS 5 introduces new features for tracking activities. Firmware Apple Watch gives all generations an opportunity to track push-UPS, circular running, yoga and other activities. In most of the new species can compete with your friends by throwing them a seven-day challenge.

watch OS 5 adds Apple Watch simplified way to interact with Siri. To activate the voice assistant, users no longer even have to say a command “Hey Siri.” It will be enough to raise the wrist and make a request. In addition, Siri for the Apple Watch learn how to maintain fast command Siri by analogy with iOS 12.

Also watchOS 5 introduced a feature WalkieTalkie, allowing you to use your Apple Watch as a walkie-talkie for direct communication with friends. For reviews of users who tested beta 5 watchOS, WalkieTalkie — best innovation updates.

And we should not forget about the new app “Podcasts”, which finally got to the Apple Watch. Run Apple Watch watch OS running 5 will now be able to brighten up not only your favorite music and podcasts.

Not less important innovation watchOS 5 is the support for WebKit. Using this framework, developers can create web-based applications that will work very quickly. From small improvements it should be noted the updated interactive notifications and more flexible mode “do Not disturb”.

Install watchOS 5 right now through the app Watch for iPhone by going to “menuKey” → “Update“. Note that to install the update you need to charge the battery of the Apple Watch was at least 50%, and the device must be close to the iPhone and to be connected to the charger.


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