Apple did not have time to recover from the departure of one of the main specialists on the project augmented reality headset, as his dismissal was announced by senior Vice President of retail Angela Ahrendts. According to the official statement a press-services, business-lady will leave the company in April of this year to pursue “new personal and professional goals.”

“The last five years were the most stimulating, challenging and successful in my career. Thanks to the collective efforts of a team of retail has never been so strong,” said Angela Ahrendts, commenting on his departure.

It will be replaced by Deirdre O’brien, who previously held the position of head of the HR Department.

“At Apple, we believe that our soul is our people, and Deirdre best understand the qualities and strengths of our team. More than 30 years she has been helping Apple to focus on the interests of buyers… I look forward to working with Deirdre in her new role, and I know that our 70 thousand retail employees adhere to this point of view,” said Apple CEO Tim cook.

He also wished former employee of the company good luck and published in the Twitter photo, which he captured, together with Ahrendts and O’brien.

Former Apple employee Michael gartenberg, in turn, called the appointment of Deirdre “strange”.

“To combine HR and retail trade into one — more than strange. Apple clearly does not want to the position of Director of retail sales remained empty. Will be interesting to see what impact this will have on the company’s business in the long term,” he wrote on Twitter.

The success of the post

Before coming to Apple Angela Ahrendts worked at a fashion company Burberry. When she first met cook, the main task in front of him she put to explain that before she worked in the technology sector, writes ABC. In that moment, when the CEO of the largest company in the world talked to her about the job, Ahrendts said: “I just want to be honest with you: I’m not a techie”. However, cook is not confused, and he made the right choice — Angela has had a very significant impact on the technology giant. It changed the concept of branded stores Apple service centres, Genius Bar, where employees were over the standard counter was replaced by a more modern malls Genius Grove in which the inside of the building were trees and the employees were allowed to walk freely throughout the area. Ahrendts also shifted the positioning of the first Apple Watch with simple smart wearable device to fashion accessory.

It is also known that Angela was the highest paid employee of “Apple Corporation”. According to Business Insider, in 2017 it earned $24.2 million — almost twice the head of the company.

Moreover, Ahrendts was named the main contender for the post of Director General in case cook decides to resign. It’s safe to say that her care has become one of the biggest layoffs of Apple over the last few years.

The more you engage Ahrendts still unknown. However, we can assume that she will return to the fashion industry, as recently touched on this topic. In an interview with Vogue magazine Angela said that part of her still misses the sphere.

“In fashion industry there are things that I miss,” said she, adding that she grew up in this area and knows everything about her, “what you need to know.”

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