Apple continues to clean their own range of gadgets and remove the device from sale. Just yesterday, a part of history become the iPhone SE the iPhone 6s and iPhone X the fate of smart watches Watch Edition.

Recall that the Watch Edition is an attempt by Apple to break into the premium segment of hours, try, note, is not very good. Yes, Watch Edition won a certain audience, but the millions of sales of the question due to too high cost of the device. Another reason why the Watch was removed from the shelves is their rapid obsolescence. In fact, we watch the first generation, presented in 2014. In this version they got plated case and a price tag of $10 000. For four years, filling hours outdated and nobody will pay them that amount.

Recall also that the second generation Watch Series 2 was proposed in a ceramic package for $1,300 overseas and 100 000 rubles in Russia. However, they, too, have not officially sold, and currently Apple offers only from Watch Series 3 and the newest Watch Series 4, shown just two days ago. The fourth generation has not changed in appearance, but has a larger screen and very advanced filling.

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