Apple has removed from the site almost all the bands for Apple WatchДо the September presentation, Apple has less than a month. It seems that in addition to the announcement of three new iPhones, the company is preparing the presentation of the new smart watches Apple Watch 4. The corresponding six models were found in the documents of the Eurasian economic Commission a few days ago.

Another confirmation of Apple’s plans to introduce a new Apple Watch was discovered by a Reddit user.

If on the official website to run through the headings in the section “Accessories for Apple Watch”, you can find that range almost lost the straps for the actual generation hours.

A similar situation was repeated in June 2016, February 2017 and may 2018. And then Apple let a new collection of bracelets. Today was removed from the website more than 30 varieties of bracelets.

Given that the Apple Watch can get a larger display, Apple may reconsider the option of attaching bracelets. The question of compatibility of straps from previous generations is still open.


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