Recently, the iPhone maker has published several photos of its new flagship store in Japan.

According to representatives of Corporation, the Apple Store is surrounded by historically important buildings, temples, chapels and shrines. While the store itself is visually similar to more modern architectural structures in Kyoto.

The upper part of the shop is made of transparent materials, inspired by traditional Japanese lanterns. Respect for the culture of the country manifests itself in other characteristics of the structure. Builders Apple used a light wooden frame resembling those in old Japanese houses.

In the center of the store is a large atrium, which will host classes on programming, music lessons as well as lessons for those who want to mount a video using the Apple device. Also on-site store will be the item support and multiple zones where you can try out tablets, smartphones and laptops before buying.

The store will open August 25 at 10 am local time. He will become the ninth Apple Store in Japan and first in Kyoto.


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