After the start of litigation with Qualcomm, Apple decided to abandon the use of modems from this manufacturer in their devices. They were replaced with components made by Intel. However, some online sources claim that Apple in the future even refuse to modems developed by third-party providers by clicking on their decisions.

The edition Reuters reported that the cupertinos have seriously started to develop their own modems. This is evidenced by the translation of the respective unit from the group, working with the supply chain, the group of developers of chips.

According to sources, work on the project took place quite a long time. Previously they were led by Ruben Caballero (Caballero, Rubén), who reports to Dan Riccio (Dan Riccio), Executive Director, responsible for developing iPad, iPhone and Mac. However, in January the priority of the project clearly increased. It hints at the fact that now the development of corporate modems is headed by a senior Vice President of Apple’s hardware technologies Srouji johnny (Johny Srouji).

It is difficult to say what exactly characteristics will have Apple modems. However, sources believe that nothing fundamentally new, Apple engineers will come up. Most likely, their solution will be an integration of parts supplied by other manufacturers.


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