Apple has temporarily suspended the program for quality control of the voice assistant Siri, in which contractors of the company listened to anonymous users ‘ requests, writes The Verge. “Apple said that it will temporarily suspend its practice of using contractors to assess the fragments of the voice recordings for Siri. This step is followed by the material The Guardian, where a former employee described the program, arguing that contractors are “regularly hear confidential health information, information about illegal transactions and the sounds of sex as part of their work”” — the newspaper notes. As explained in the statement of Apple, received by The Verge, Apple “pauses the program for the assessment of Siri around the world.” “We work hard to ensure the privacy of users of Siri. We decided to conduct a large-scale investigation, and therefore suspend the operation of the analysis program in the world. In addition, future users will have the opportunity to participate in the evaluation of Siri,” — said in a statement. The company did not comment on whether the suspension of the program, the actual termination of voice recordings of users on Apple servers. The company had previously stated that it keeps records for six months, and then deletes the identifying information from the copy, which it can keep for two years or more. As previously reported by The Guardian, citing sources, contractors regularly hear Apple confidential iPhone users in the framework of ensuring “quality control” of the voice assistant Siri. “While Apple obviously did not disclose in its documentation of privacy for consumers, a small portion of the records Siri is passed to contractors working around the world. They were assigned to rate the responses on a number of factors, including whether the activation of the voice assistant, whether intentional or accidental, can we expect that Siri can help with the request, and whether the appropriate response to Siri,” said The Guardian.

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