At the end of last week, the authoritative newspaper the Guardian reported that Apple reports its contractors with the conversation of the user with the voice assistant Siri. While recording often fall sensitive data. Today kupertinovtsy announced the temporary suspension of such practices.

It should be noted that Apple initially did not deny that contractors are listening to a recording of queries to Siri. The cupertinos have argued that in the hands of third-party employees, a very small number of interviews (less than 1%). According to representatives of Apple all this is done to improve the voice assistant, and staff who listen to the recording, do it in special closed premises and they are strictly prohibited to disclose any information.

However, users did not like the idea of such a test. As a result, now Apple temporarily stops the quality control program of a voice assistant Siri and runs an internal test. In addition with the nearest software update, users will be able to choose to participate in the quality assessment or not.

Apple is not the only company that uses to evaluate the quality of its voice assistant living. However, Google and Amazon openly about such features.


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