Shortly after the release of iOS GM 13 in the code pre-release version of Apple’s mobile operating system was detected new hints of an as-yet-unannounced Apple device associated with augmented reality.

Well-known developer Steve Trouton Smith found attached to the GM-version of iOS 13 a Readme file describing the system shell StarBoard. It is assumed that it is intended for applications related to augmented reality. Also in this file that mentions the device, codenamed Garta. It is believed that under this code word are hidden augmented reality glasses Apple.

The document explicitly says that now cupertinos testing a device codenamed Garta. Also, there are clear instructions for developers who want to test their AR apps in stereo. In particular, the need to include a mode “worn” instead of “held”. All this means that the Garta is a stereoscopic AR headset.

According to another well-known developer Guilherme Rambo, originally Apple wanted to share information about its new gadget in the framework of yesterday’s presentation. But then canceled the release. What this may be is unknown.


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