In the Ministry of communications has proposed to require foreign manufacturers of smartphones and other gadgets are preinstalled Russian software on their devices. For example, such applications may be cards from “Yandex”, the application “Vkontakte”, from anti-virus software “Kaspersky Lab” and “IVI” to view online cinema.

Against the judgment of the preset Russian was the world’s largest manufacturers of laptops, tablets and smartphones, which included such giants as Microsoft and Intel. The initiative considered harmful and other market participants not associated with the production equipment.

“The government’s attempt to tightly control highly competitive market applications — exceptional situation of this world experience”, — said the representative of the Association of trading companies and manufacturers of consumer electronic and computer equipment Anton Guskov.

In turn, representatives of “Kaspersky Lab” see the decision only pros: “If the project concept becomes law, then consumers will have a wider selection of preset solutions. From the viewpoint of protection of users and the overall level of Internet security pre-installed antivirus is a useful thing,” — said the representative of the company.

We will remind that else in February of this year, when the question of the preset Russian was imposed on the discussions, Apple has issued an official statement in which it expressed its opposition to such measures.

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