Apple made changes to its policy on web tracking. From now on such practices without the consent of the user, can result in the imposition of additional restrictive measures by the Corporation from Cupertino.

Policy changes announced John Wilander, the Apple employee responsible for unauthorised tracking of users in Network.

In the updated rules note that the restrictions apply to all known methods of tracking, but also there is an interesting paragraph:

“If we find new ways to track users, we may amend our policy to include these techniques. Moreover, we can introduce technical measures to counteract new methods of monitor”.

The main objective of Apple is to deal with multi-billion dollar advertising industry that follows the user from site to site, device to device.

In this case, the Corporation stressed that no personal data in the process tracking from the advertising business will not play any role, it’s still tracking.

Even if the restrictions Apple will break some sites in Safari, the company will still go for it and will continue to prevent unauthorized tracking of users.

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