The amount of land owned by the American Corporation Apple has tripled over the past two years, the newspaper Financial Times. The tech giant is actively buying up land in the United States for the construction of data centers and solar farms.

According to the annual report of the company published on 2 November, the area owned by the Apple of the earth is 7376 acres, excluding the office buildings and retail stores. For comparison: in 2017, Apple owned the plots of 4928 acres, and in 2016 — 2583 acres, and in 2011 — about 584 acres. The company often buys land and does not lease them. This is due to the tax and other benefits in the US for technological companies that build data centers in its territory.

Apple has invested billions of dollars in server parks in Iowa, Nevada and North Carolina that support the operation of the service iMessage, App Store, Apple Music and iCloud. Apple is also investing in renewable energy, including solar farms. Plots in remote areas of the country, for example, in Arizona, the company can use for testing their unmanned vehicles, experts say FT.

The company is also looking for a site for the new campus in addition to current Apple Park with an area of 175 acres. About it reported in January. Then the company introduced a plan for “direct contribution” to the U.S. economy $350 billion over five years. About $10 billion of these funds, the company promised to invest in the development of data centers.

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