Recently Apple introduced iOS 13, and followed her iPadOS iOS and 13.1. And, as it turned out, all new systems, there is a nasty and dangerous bug. , Apple urged users to refuse third-party keyboards, as they can be fraught with the danger of data leakage.

The point is, during operation of the keyboard requests access to the system partition of your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, even if the failure of the user, the programs still get it.

In the company specify that “native” keyboard and the decisions, which do not need full access, safe. Also, the Corporation promised to fix the vulnerability in the next update of iOS and OS 13 iPad.

To ensure security, you need to go to Settings –> General –> Keyboard –> Keyboard and see if there are apps that require full access to the system partition. They should be removed at least until a patch.

Recall that two years ago iOS was the issue causing a system hang using Emoji. And in General, lately of Apple’s OS becomes more “leaky”.

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