Apple forced to recall the party with several iPhone models from branded stores Germany. The reason for this was the patent dispute with a major manufacturer of processors for smartphones Qualcomm. This was reported by Reuters.

A Munich court on 20 December ruled in favor of Apple. It is established that the iPhone maker violated a patent for energy-saving technologies. January 3, Qualcomm has paid 1.3 billion euros in bonds and extended the ban on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. The bonds will allow to pay damages to Apple if the company will win the appeal against the injunction.

This case is the third attempt by Qualcomm to prevent the sales of the iPhone. Previously, the company already filed lawsuits for patent infringement in the United States and China. A Munich court ruled to ban sales of the iPhone, not only in specialty stores but also in retail outlets of mobile operators and retailers.

A number of models still available in most stores. In the list resolved to sale includes iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR.

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