The latest version of mobile operating system iOS, it seems, contains a vulnerability allowing to bypass the lock screen. We are talking about iOS 13, which will release in a week.

About the bug and told the researcher in the field of security, Jose Rodriguez. Back in July, Rodriguez found a way to bypass the lock screen and to access the user’s contact list iPhone.

For the sake of justice — the exploitation of this vulnerability requires physical access to the device. What’s more, you still have to call the victim with another smartphone.

To use the flaw, an attacker would have to use the feature that allows you to answer an incoming call with a text message. In the process of writing SMS an attacker would need to change the value in the “to” field. This leads to the fact that the system will show the list of contacts, although access to it on the lock screen should not be.

To get rid of the risk of this bug is quite easy — you just have to disable the option “answer call” message. The researcher posted a video which clearly shows the exploitation of the vulnerability:

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