Rumors about Apple’s AR device appear in the network for several years. However, the publication of The Information, citing informed sources reported about the presence of Apple prototypes. Moreover, the cupertinos have already held a closed presentation, where he revealed some details about the future of AR devices.

Hope for a speedy release of Apple devices augmented reality is not necessary. The first version of the gadget should appear only in 2022. A year later, cupertinos plans to release a modified model.

Apple are confident that in the next ten years the popularity of AR devices will grow and, eventually, they will replace smartphones. These gadgets can provide users with more personalized information. And to do it in a convenient form.

If you believe the rumors, but now cupertinos busy creating different services and applications, which can then be used in the brand AR gadget. Plans Apple even releasing a few compatible games. The company is now looking for developers that can implement such projects.


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