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Apple has fired 200 employees from division of Project Titan, which is developing an unmanned vehicle and software for it. Official representatives of Apple confirmed the dismissal, but stressed that the company still regards the field of unmanned vehicles promising.

According to CNBC, the dismissal of the staff of Project Titan was planned. Apple restructures, which is associated with another change of leadership. One of the project leaders Doug field had previously gone to Tesla on the position of chief engineer, but now he’s returned to Apple to work on Project Titan.

It is reported that part derived from Project Titan employees will remain with the company. They will be transferred to other units to work on new projects for Apple, including those associated with machine learning.

The Lexus system with automanagement from Apple

Despite such a serious reduction in employees, Apple said that the company remains interested in the field of Autonomous cars. Moreover, Apple representatives said that Project Titan is “the most ambitious project in the field of machine learning in history”.

Source: CNBC.


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