Apple hides the reason for upgrading the MacBook Pro’s keyboard 2018В updated MacBook Pro 2018 has changed not only the hardware, but the whole keyboard unit.

After removing the keys, found out that under the buttons appeared silicon substrate. Judging by the reviews of newly-baked owners of the new MacBook Pro, the keyboard is much quieter.

But the main reason for this update, Apple reveals only in an internal document, which is available exclusively to representatives of service centers.

And she technical note warns repairmen about some problems when replacing keys.

Under the keys there is a membrane to prevent ingress of debris into the mechanism of the “butterfly”. Changed the procedure for replacing the space key. Relevant documentation and videos will appear immediately after the start of supply of components.

Be careful during replacement not to damage the membrane. Otherwise, you will have to completely change the topcase.

So, the reason for the emergence of a new keyboard MacBook Pro for press and buyers at the Apple: the desire to make it quieter.

For representatives of service centers: protecting from dust, crumbs and other debris. The fragile “butterfly” hit such objects simply does not stand up.

P. S. the Third generation of keypads with a “butterfly” — feature new Nabokov. It will not put in the model 2016 — 2017 for the replacement program. Draw your own conclusions.


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