Looking at recent events, experts are predicting that in the near future the Russians will be only Huawei smartphones with the operating system (OS) “Aurora” uncontested “Yandex”, “Vkontakte” and “Kaspersky”. Such conclusions specialists are doing on the basis that the agenda is returned to the topic of obyazatelnoe the preset Russian software (SW) for foreign gadgets. Also important looks like the attack on “Yandex” foreign intelligence services.

The attack took place in the fall of 2018. someone from countries cyberadventure of the Alliance Five Eyes (US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand) used against “Yandex” they have developed a complex Regin spyware. According to Reuters, the attackers behind kept access systems of the company for a few weeks. In “Yandex” is refuted, however, the attack has been confirmed. This shows the seriousness of the problem, since the services usually do not comment committed against them to a hacker attack.

On the eve of the Ministry of communications resumed work on the compulsory PE domestic applications in gadgets that are imported to Russia. Soon the bill must publish for public comment.

Experts almost unanimously say about the extreme harm of this idea. Sauces preset possible, but only on a contractual or commercial basis. Features IOS (Apple’s OS) will not allow you to preset apps because of its closed system. It is possible that Apple can and does leave the Russian market.

Under sanctions from the US Huawei recently confirmed the future of the domestic OS “Aurora” on their smartphones and presets the application of the savings Bank. It is also proposed to create a list of applications that will need to be installed. In this case, the developers will not fight for the quality of programmes, and for getting to the list. It will greatly increase corruption in this sphere, writes The Bell.

“All this will lead to the fact that instead of actively developing market applications we get stagnant ghetto of their own”, — said the representative of branch Association RATEK Anton Guskov.

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