Rumors that Apple creates a device for virtual reality go for a long time. And with the advent of a new employee, they only intensified, according to Variety.

Recently in the state of Apple has introduced another man — sterling Crispin. He is the Creator of the application for virtual reality that allows you to draw.

On the one hand, this is not surprising — Apple often acquires startups and new technologies. On the other program crispina is not compatible with any of the existing devices of the Corporation.

The app is called Cyber Paint. It allows user to create images using digital algorithms, and effects of the materials, more like a real paint.

Now to work with Cyber Paint sterling Crispin uses the device Facebook headset Oculus Go. But maybe soon Apple will be able to submit their own gadgets and virtual reality.

According to rumors, the device will receive two 8K displays and will be able to work offline without needing to connect to your Mac, iPad or iPhone. The output of the device is unlikely to take place until 2020. And so, Crispin enough time to create more apps for the visual reality.


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