Recently it became known that Apple hired a famous designer Andrew Kim. Before his conversion to Apple, the company he worked at Tesla and Microsoft, where he managed to put his hand to many products.

The first project, Andrew Kim, which attracted public attention was the unusual stand for iOS devices. The accessory was introduced in 2011. Then Kim joined Microsoft, where he participated in the development of the interface of the operating system Windows 10 and also worked on HoloLens and Xbox One S.

After her work in the software giant Andrew Kim joined work at Tesla, where he held the position of senior design Manager. It is reported that Kim has put his hand to Model 3, S, X and Y, and also the Roadster V2 and Semi.

Recently, however, Kim decided again to change employers and went to Apple. It is noteworthy that, together with the senior design Manager in Apple company came and some other employees of Tesla. Some see in this an allusion to the fact, that cupertinos not become completely abandon your automotive project.


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