Moscow, November 15 — “News. Economy” the Company wants to reduce the cost of customs duties.

Apple hired one of the closest allies of US President Donald trump in Washington, D.C., that lobbied for the interests of the company, to prevent the ingress of a number of products in a regular list of goods that the White house may impose duties in case of if you don’t make a bargain with Beijing.

According to CNBC Apple sent a similar request to the Office of the U.S. trade representative. The company sought to have not increased the tax on imports from China of components for the iPhone and Apple watch. As notes the edition, only for the 2019 technology giant has spent $5.5 million on lobbying in Washington.

To promote the interests of Apple is Jeffrey Miller. As CNBC reports, the document confirming the conclusion levitskogo agreement States that Apple is hiring him and his team, which includes other people associated with the administration of the tramp, for the solution of what is called “trade-related problems of technological products and services.” It is not disclosed specific nature of the role of the Miller and we are not talking specifically about trade barriers.

Miller was Vice-Chairman of the inaugural Committee of the trump, after which he became the chief fundraiser for the new presidential campaign. According to a report by the Federal election Commission, in the third quarter he raised $255 million in support of trump.

Most of the products Apple is in China and she already got away with import tariffs on parts, which are used to manufacture Mac Pro is manufactured in Texas. However, in August, Donald trump said that technogiant needs to move production to the U.S., pointing out that because of the conclusion by foreign companies of production facilities from China only from mid-July to late August has lost $2 billion

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