Last week it became known that the users who decided to replace the battery of the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR independently or in an unauthorized service center will no longer be able to view the status of the battery. Today cupertinos officially commented on the innovation.

The company representatives claim that a warning about the negative consequences of poor maintenance and the inability to see battery status is primarily a concern for consumers. Apple notes that the feature only serves to protect users from poor quality components.

Cupertinos me remind you that the U.S. now employs more than 1 800 authorized service centers. Contacting one of them ensures that the battery installed is new and the replacement will perform certified specialist, following the Protocol defined by Apple. Violation of the conditions of work or the use of non-original components may cause problems with the safety and performance of the device.

Apple is not the first time attempts to convince users of the need to use only the services of authorized service centers. The company argued that otherwise, the iPhone owners at risk of incorrectly assembled or even outside the device.


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