Apple stepped up efforts to test a car for self driving on public roads in the United States.

However, the company lags behind market leader Waymo on key safety indicators.

Apple, which kept secret the details of its program a self-driving, registered 128 337 km of tests in California in 2018 that it is still much less than 16 million miles of testing on roads around the world, conducted by the Alphabet Waymo.

However, the miles traveled by Apple last year, far exceeded 1,300 km of tests, which the iPhone maker has done in the last year.

Disclosure is part of the annual “report of separation”, which specifies how often the driver involved in the promotion of human security should intervene to gain control from an automatic guidance system during testing on public roads.

In the complex world of self-driving technology, where these road tests are strictly guarded secret, the number of miles between shutdowns has become a key figure for observers of the industry, showing how far technology has advanced any player.

Waymo is a leader in the industry, breaking in 2018, more than double a year earlier.

Apple, which only in General terms, talked about their interest in self-driving is a relatively late player, having only a permit in California to conduct tests in 2017.

Last year, Apple re-hired Doug field to work on the project self-driving car called Project Titan with a long leader Bob Mansfield. Earlier field had left Apple to become senior Vice President of engineering at Tesla.

Some companies, including Ford Motor, Tesla, Lyft and supplier Bosch, said that last year they did not carry out any Autonomous tests in California.

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