Apple continues to test its Autonomous control vehicles. According to reports, now Apple company has 69 self-driving cars and 143 certified drivers who are involved in the testing of these vehicles.

It is noteworthy that while the cupertinos in no hurry to increase its fleet of Autonomous cars. Over the past few months, Apple has not released any new road car. However, with this increased number of drivers. If in April of this year in the documents of the Department of motor vehicles California featured a 110-serving test drivers, but now this figure has grown to 143 people.

At the moment, Apple is the third largest company in California, which is testing self-driving cars. A leader for many months is the company GM Cruise. Its fleet of 258 cars listed and 760 drivers. Second place goes to Waymo: 135 car and driver 321. Apple remains in third place.

Earlier this year it became known that the Autonomous control system is not very reliable. According to the data collected Department of motor vehicles California, in the period from December 2017 to November 2018 drivers Apple had to take the control in their hands about 545 000 times, or approximately every 1.8 km. This is the lowest among 25 large companies. For comparison, the leader of the list of the company Waymo this figure is about one intervention at 18 000 km.


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