Research firm Kantar Worldpanel cited statistics showing that Apple increase the diagonal screens of smartphones in order to obtain more profits from services. The expected September 12 iPhone get the screen size to 6.5 inches, on average, 23% more than models by 2017.

According to statistics, the owners of smartphones with a diagonal of 6 inches is used in two times more apps than the owners of the 5.5-inch models. Users of larger devices are 62 percent more likely to play games and watch twice video.

Citing statistics, analyst Jennifer Chen announced that Apple’s revenue is proportional to the screen size of the iPhone. The results of the study state that each device brings the company $30 annually. Net profit on 60% depends subscription services and ad impressions.

Analysts ‘ assumptions may be incorrect. Users might buy the device large originally intending to use a lot of apps.

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