The latest Apple conference which was held June 3 in California did not significantly affect the company’s revenues in the future. However, some of the innovations may provide a new revenue growth driver. The conference was mainly devoted to the presentation of updates to operating systems to gadgets of the company. Compared to the dark theme for iOS13, accelerated unlocking of phones and other devices by face recognition of the owner, install the application on the AppStore Apple Watch a more important event — the appearance of iPadOS. In General, this operating system is the same as on smartphones, but Apple plans to increase its capacity to levels comparable with the performance of desktops and laptops.

Recent years, the company has added functionality and power of the iPad, but the operating system could not cope with the usual PC user a number of tasks. Apple’s plans for the transformation of tablets become more clear. All the updates of the file system, multitasking, Safari for PC ability downloads are steps in the right direction. At the end of the presentation one gets the feeling that the company intends to increase revenues from iPad to its former highs. In 2013, sales of Apple’s iPad, the manufacturer has received about $32 billion, and in 2018 — only $18 billion With the right approach to OS development and to increase the capacity of the Apple iPad can increase sales of this device to $32-33 billion, but not earlier than the year 2025-2026. The target price on Apple to the end of the year is $226.

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