Today, Apple unexpectedly introduced a new wireless headphones. Information about the AirPods Pro appeared on the official website of Apple company. Looking ahead we can say that the new wireless headphones Apple look exactly as predicted by the network sources, and they are exactly what was stated in numerous leaks.

AirPods Pro has a new design with silicone ear cushions. Included with the headphones are three sets of pads, so users will be able to make sure that they do not fall out of ears.

The cupertinos note that the new AirPods have a unique ventilation system that allows you to equalize the pressure and reduce discomfort from wearing headphones to a minimum. In addition AirPods Pro protected from dust, moisture and perspiration to the IPX4 standard. This means that the headphones easily bear spray. However, swimming is still impossible.

The most important feature AirPods Pro is the active noise canceling. For her work in the headphones there is a chip H1 and the two microphones. The first picks up external noise, and the second analyzes the sound inside the ear and eliminates the remaining noise. Microphones also help in the work of the so-called “transparent mode”. After activation users continue to listen to the music, but they are also getting heard some “outside” sounds.

As for autonomy, it is with the active noise cancelling AirPods Pro can run about 4.5 hours. Given the case of General autonomy headphones is 24 hours. With this 5-minute quick charge for an hour of music playback. The case supports wireless charging.

Apple has already begun taking pre-orders for their new wireless headphones. In the Russian Apple Online Store they can be purchased for 20 990 rubles. To deliver the order, the company promises within 2-3 weeks.


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