The American company Apple (“Apple”) admits from September 20 in the sale a new model of smart hours Apple Watch Series 5. This was announced on Tuesday at the presentation of novelties, which takes place in the theatre of Steve jobs on the campus of Apple Park (“Apple Park”) in Cupertino (California). Broadcast of the event is the official website of the company.

Feature of the model is that the screen is constantly illuminated. Brighter lighting can be, lightly tapping your finger on the strap. Charge battery under this mode of operation lasts for 18 hours. Smart watch can serve as a compass, when this screen displays the latitude and longitude of the point at which the user is located, as well as data on the direction of movement. The screen can also display images of the constellations.

Of smartwatches appeared “panic button” that allows you to contact emergency services in 150 countries.

Apple Watch first Series 5 will be produced in titanium and ceramic case. Also for the first time the owners of smart watches will be able to voluntarily participate in medical research programs aimed at collecting data on cardiac activity, the noise level and on the state of women’s health.

Founded in 1976, Apple manufactures iPhones, iPads, laptops MacBooks, desktops iMacs (“Aimag”), music players, iPod (“IPod”) and other equipment. Corporation with headquarters in Cupertino is one of the largest in the world: its market capitalization is about 970 billion dollars.

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