The second major announcement, which took place in the framework of today’s presentation by Apple was the Apple Card. In fact, it is a virtual credit card. As noted by the representatives of the company, they have set a goal to improve the process of using credit cards.

The first feature of the Apple Card is that it does not need to go anywhere. Users simply register in the Apple Wallet and add a new card. After this map you can almost immediately use it.

In addition cupertinos promise not to charge owners of the virtual credit card any additional fees and not to charge interest for late payments. Customers will also be able to track purchases, check balances and manage your finances right from the app, whose interface is designed to provide all the necessary information in as simple and visual form.

Apple has also not forgotten about the popular now the cashback. Cupertinos called his system Daily Cash (daily accrual) and came up with a progressive rate. When you pay for goods using Apple Pay to the account of the user will automatically get back 2% of the amount spent and for purchases in Apple stores – 3% of the value of the goods.

Also Apple has announced plans to release a physical map of the Apple Card. It can be used in places where not yet accept Apple Pay. The card itself is made of titanium and it is not a number, CVV code and other information. In the calculation of such a card in stores cashback will be 1%. To issue a card will be in the summer.


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