Apple can love and can hate, but why the company almost never had complaints, it’s advertising and entertainment component — “Apple” can turn any presentation into interesting and sometimes even exciting shows. Spring event in this respect was no exception. Announcing the start date and time special presentation, Apple tried throughout this time to keep the audience’s attention to his own person.

So, within three days, the Corporation introduced several new products: a new iPad mini and iPad Air, two new monoblock iMac and wireless AirPods headphones second generation. Of course, not without disappointment: fans were hoping the remaining two days, Apple will introduce new iPod Touch and the notorious wireless charging AirPower, but Apple has gone missing from redrow as suddenly as they appeared.

The day before the presentation, the Corporation has launched the live broadcast, but what I saw the audience — the empty room Theatre Steve jobs. At first. Periodically on your home screen appeared, the screen saver macOS or correspondence of the head of Apple Tim cook with basketball player Kevin Durant. Even the Captain America tried to call Apple but to answer Chris Evans, no one bothered.

It was in the “Harry Potter” that the company has prepared for the audience have been known for a long time. As noted by Cooke in the beginning of the presentation, the Apple News — most popular news app that gives users a 5 billion news stories every month (in Russia it is not available — The developers decided to make it even better, and the first scheduled announcement was the new Apple News+, which appears first logs. Users will be able to enjoy about 300 publications on food, travel, news, politics, sports. One of the most unusual elements of the Apple News+ live covers that will seem familiar to fans of creativity Joanne Rowling.

In addition to the log service will also offer electronic subscriptions: The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and others. Within the presentation, Apple highlighted two main things: the company knows what users read and allows advertisers to track owners “Apple devices”. Apple News+ will be available today, March 25, in the U.S. and Canada on both iOS and MacOS. In Europe the novelty will be available for 2019. The first month the developers give to everyone, but a paid subscription will cost users $9.99 per month.

Then the CEO started talking about Apple Pay, saying that already three months since the beginning of the year, there were 10 billion of transactions through the service. This popularity contributed to the emergence of the Apple Card, the second announcement of the evening. The service has so-called rewards program Daily Cash. Simply put, it is cash back the user will get back a small amount (1% of physical titanium credit card Apple 2% off regular purchases and 3% of Apple services) that are added to a digital wallet. The Apple Card will also monitor expenses and suggest, for example, when the time comes to pay the loan. The novelty will be available this summer.

“Great stories can change the world” the Third new service was subscription the Apple games Arcade. Mobile operating system iOS, as noted in Cupertino, has a population of 1 billion gamers who enjoy 300 thousands of games available in the App Store. Apple has partnered with more than 35 studios, which will allow podpischiki to access more than 100 new and exclusive projects. Arcade Apple will become a new tab in the App Store, and the games that do not require an Internet connection and additional payments, can be run on any platform: iPhone, Mac or Apple TV. Game service will appear in the fall of 2019 in more than 150 countries. The subscription price will be announced later.

However, the main event of the spring presentation, Apple was the streaming service Apple TV, the announcement of which the Corporation has invited eminent representatives of the film industry. So, Steven Spielberg spoke about the new adaptation of “Amazing stories”, Jennifer aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell are based on the book by Brian Stelter “Morning show,” Jason “Aquaman” Momoa and Alfre Woodard presented the show See, which is set centuries after a global epidemic that left few survivors blind. The presentation was visited by a number of other stars (known and not) with their projects.

Apple TV+ will be ad-free, will be able to work both online and offline and will be available in more than 100 countries this fall. But most importantly, the price of the subscription streaming service, Apple has decided not to call.

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