NEW YORK, September 12. /TASS/. Apple on Wednesday unveiled a new smart watch Apple Watch the fourth series, features including a built-in sensor that allows you to do an electrocardiogram. Presentation for the second year in a row is theater, named in honor of company founder Steve jobs (1955-2011). The hall is located on the campus of Apple Park in Cupertino (California).

The Apple Watch has a more optimum display, which is 35% wider, but thinner than a smart watch the previous series, said the Deputy head of the company Jeff Williams. According to him, the watch is equipped with a new dual-core processor that allows the device to run twice as fast. On the back cover used a ceramic plate that provides better communication, and a speaker at maximum load play sounds twice as loud.

The technology, according to manufacturers, is designed largely for consumers who care about their health and shape. In particular, Apple modified the button, combined with a wheel that looks like the crown in traditional watches. Now button when pressed and held allows you to make a personal cardiogram readings shown on the display.

Built-in accelerometer and gyroscope (to track the movements of the wearer) now register accidental fall of the wearer, serious enough that a person could not own up. In this case, watch a few minutes automatically dial the emergency phone number and transmit a report on the accident along with the location of the incident.

New Apple Watch will be available in three colors: silver, Golden and gray-silver. In addition, there was a playback function on the display of live fire, water and smoke. Dial you can reformat to your taste, for example, post photos of friends or relatives to call them with one touch. Cost hours $399 with GPS module. Pre-order will be available on 14 September, shipments start on the 21st of September.

Apple Watch — the family of a wristwatch computer developed by Apple. The first brand new product released by Apple after the death of its founder Steve jobs in 2011. The official presentation of the device took place on 9 September 2014, in the U.S. and eight other countries watch received 24 April 2015. Custom manufacturing Apple is the company Quanta Computer (Taiwan, China).

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