This week it became known that Apple has registered in the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States by several patents that describe the functional straps for the Apple Watch. The latter can be equipped with systems for biometric authentication, self-adjust to the wrist of the user and have LEDs.

In one of the patents describes a sensor which infrared radiation can identify users by the texture of the hair and skin on the wrist. Potentially, such an identification system can replace the Touch ID and Face ID. While this solution is suitable only for the Apple Watch. The patent stated that the sensor a new biometric authentication system user can be located in either the watch case or strap.

Another Apple patent describes the strap, equipped with several sensors and adjustment system. If the sensor determines that the hours glide by on the hand of the user, a special “belt” will be able to adjust the bracelet.

The third document describes the special straps with light. According to the authors of the patent, the indicators will show the progress of achieving the goal while running, walking or other physical activity.

It is worth noting that the idea of creating a functional straps for the Apple Watch is not new. The patent portfolio Apple has about a dozen different documents that describe different versions of the wristband for smart watches. However, while the cupertinos and did not realize not one of such ideas.


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