Today it became known that the cupertinos expanded its patent portfolio with a new document that describes one way to improve yet unreleased docking station AirPower. It is noteworthy that the patent application was filed early last year.

In a new Apple patent describes a special coating that would prevent slippage of charged products from the surface of the charging station. Engineers Apple company offers to solve this problem in two ways: to make a kind of border along the edge of the platform and to add a slight rough surface. The latter should be a maximum in the center and almost invisible at the edges.

The patent also describes several different options for the location of the coating. For example, in one case, the engineers offer to place coverage in the form of alternating circles or asymmetrical geometric texture.

It is difficult to say whether Apple uses this idea in AirPower. But now we know exactly what cupertinos not want to give preference to silicone mats. The company believes their unsightly and not too convenient for everyday use.


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