If Apple will release the gloves, they would also have to charge.

Apple engineers have developed “smart” gloves stuffed with all sorts of biometric sensors. According to the idea of Apple, the gloves allow users to track various health indicators in real time and to access them directly on your iPhone or Apple Watch. This became known today from the published patent applications of the company.

“Smart” gloves Apple

In the patent Apple describes the structure of “smart” gloves, made of smart fabric. Under the “smart” fabric Apple engineers mean ordinary cloth, but is equipped with many different electronic components, including printed circuit boards.

Sensors in the gloves remotely connect to your iPhone or Apple Watch. Due to this, they can access real-time data transfer status of the user. In the patent Apple States that the glove can track pulse, respiration, blood pressure and other important indicators.

Does Apple really release these “smart” gloves is not known. However, it should be noted that for the last couple of years the company has patented many pieces of “smart” clothing. It is not excluded that Apple is hatching a plan to launch a collection of “smart” things in the future.

Source: PA.


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