A special technology from Apple.

Apple continues to work on the iPhone directly with built-in display fingerprint scanner. This was indicated by a new patent that details its own technology, Apple’s integration of Touch ID into the display using a unique technology.

Apple has developed an unusual technique of scanning of the fingerprint display. As planned by Apple, the screen is an array of acoustic transducers, which instantly reads the user’s fingerprint on the sound. A special layer tracks the touch of a finger to the display, sends sound impulses to the print, which are recorded and provide an accurate map of the fingerprint.

Apple’s technology differs from any competing solutions. Its key feature is the ability to determine the fingerprint at any place of display. The actual decisions users have to attach a finger to a specific area on the screen.

Previously, Apple executives have repeatedly stated that the function of scanning the face ID is much safer and more comfortable to use than Touch ID. Apple emphasized that the company is focused on improving the Face ID for their next devices. However, obtaining new patents describing the work Touch ID of the new generation, indicates a possible return of the fingerprint scanner in a future iPhone.

Source: uspto.


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