Apple invented the tablet again. Review of the 11-inch iPad Pro 2018Держу in the hands of the new 11-inch iPad Pro 2018. This thing is 66 990 rubles, and for the money you can find a good laptop, even from Apple.

Expensive? Of course.

At the same time iPad Pro 2018 just want another form and ergonomics, the new screen management interface. Stunning performance and traditionally long battery life.

However, disadvantages too. Go.

Hi, first iPad

So different and so similar: 2018 iPad Pro and iPad 1st generation (2010).

I first picked up the first-generation iPad after a couple of months after the legendary presentation 2010. And I saw a bloated iPod Touch.

Then, only jobs saw the device in the future, and only to the launch of the second generation, people began to understand that all you can do with the iPad at home.

With its large screen was very comfortable to read books and watch movies. This was the main advantage of such Pandora. The gadget is entirely aimed at content consumption, and with this task it copes.

On the part of industrial design of the iPad was not equal. He was lying perfectly in the hand due to the direct edges. So with the release of the second generation I’m a little confused when I saw that the sides become curved. It’s not ergonomic!

iPad must have straight faces. No tricky curves. So it is banal easier to wear and to use.

In fact, so I’m happy to hold iPad Pro 2018. Beginning, to the back: flat face, smooth bending edge. That’s better. Nicely in the hand.

Apple, please let all iPads will be always.

I used to have iPad mini 4. No reason to upgrade: the big Apple seemed to some absurd. And now hold an 11-inch model and think that it’s time for my “BJ” to rest. Dimensions.

On the table the tablet behaves steadily: non-slip and does not falter. Despite the bulging camera, he’s lying on a flat surface exactly, without any flaws.

Do not feel that the tablet is some wildest heavy, but feel the solidity of the body. It gives us confidence that this tablet break will be difficult. To test this I certainly will not.

Finally we present a redesign of the iPad. He’s a good

Screen iPad Pro with a 11″ display supports a full HDR
The new iPad Pro is completely reworked the design. And clearly considered all claims to past generations.

1. There is no “monopoly”. Frame around the screen is the same from all sides, due to what had not “chop off” a piece of the display. But the screen takes up almost the entire front panel.

2. Flat “back” and direct edge. The design of the side faces is clearly taken with an old iPad 1st generation. No more smoothing, just clear, thoughtful line.

3. The top iron on the market: 8-core processor A12X Bionic with the Neural Engine system, a 4 GB (or 6 GB version for 153 thousand rbl.), up to 1 TB of internal memory. About the last will be discussed separately.

4. Excellent autonomy. I’m using a new iPad Pro for a week and can tell you for sure, he will live at least 9 hours of battery life in active use in mixed mode (web surfing, some games, vidosic on YouTube, photo processing).

View on iPad Pro, 11″ (left) and original iPad (right). Well, very similar.

All this power will fit in a modest-size case. This is a tablet with a larger screen, not a tablet.

Almost a reference size

Each year Apple declares that “this is the best iPad”

iPad Pro 11″ 2018 better lies in the hands, although it is slightly wider iPad Pro 10.5″ 2017 (178,5 mm vs estimated at 174.1 mm).

But the case of the novelty is thinner (5.9 mm vs 6.1 mm) and not as elongated (247,6 mm against $ 250.6 mm).

IPad Pro 2018 such smooth edges that it can stand up to them. It is not advisable, because broken on the table display will cost dearly.

iPad Pro 11″ 2018 easier iPad Pro 10.5″ 2017 (468г against 477г). 11 missing grams are not noticeable by themselves, but thanks to better ergonomics (straight face!) to keep the new tablet with one hand much easier.

Due to the embedded into the housing 129 of the iPad magnets tightly glued to the metal. Even in the fridge it can hang, will not fall. I checked.

IPad screen Pro 11″ is not quite the same as in the iPhone XR
The screen still remained solid, however, with slightly curved corners. But without a cutout, like in the iPhone Xs.

The iPad Pro 2018 includes a Liquid Retina display, same as iPhone XR. It hypercity LCD screen where the color black tends to be the same as in OLED.

However, I personally noticed that the screen of this tablet is configured slightly differently. This is not to convey in the photo, but if you put two devices side by side you will see the difference.

Curiously, the screen was noticeably brighter than the iPhone XR. Although the technical characteristics they are identical.

Yes, now the corners of the screen in the iPad curved. No more right angles

The feel of the display are quite different. The display resolution of the Liquid Retina in the new “Proshka” increased to 2388×1668 pixels, and diagonal has increased by only 0.5 inch.

Maybe I am the only one, but I sometimes think that the display of this “iPad” matte, not glossy. This is particularly evident on the Wallpaper with flowers.

Richer colors and more contrast. Apple has clearly improved the display in the iPad Pro 2018. This is probably the best color I’ve seen in LCD displays.

And the brightness was obviously higher than I originally expected. And so it is high that you can’t even catch a single glimpse. The feeling that the screen absorbs all incoming light.

Pro Motion and True Tone slightly curled. With the new Liquid Retina display True Tone started to be perceived differently. The colors were softer, but not enough to blur the fonts. For all time of use I have not noticed that the eyes are tired or very tense.

And the screen frequency of 120 Hz appeared in the iPad Pro 10.5″ nicely complements the impression of the screen of this tablet. Picture superplane.

Face ID. For the first time in iPad, from improved

Goodbye, button Touch ID. Experience with iPhone X proved that it no one will miss. So her disappearance in iPad only pleased me.

The new iPad got the top, the latest version of Face ID. Before (on iPhone XR, Xs and X) it only worked in portrait orientation, you can now recognize a face in any position — horizontal and vertical.

That is, like it or not the iPad Pro 2018, he’ll recognize you. Tried all really. IPhone, why can’t you?

The speed of the module Face ID is similar to the iPhone Xs. That is fast: the second maximum, sometimes quicker.

By the way, on iPad unlock on the face is very convenient: no need to pull the arm down on the fingerprint sensor. Just took the tablet in his hands in front of him and he’s already unlocked.

Important: this is not an iPhone, so the scanner Face ID will not fire in the immediate vicinity. The tablet should be from you not less than 5-7 see

Face ID is not working, if you rotate the tablet. Well, if that
Alas, that Face ID still has a small angle. Lying on the table at an angle from you, he may not recognize the face. Therefore, you have to enter a password.

By the way, had a nice feature: if you tap on the lock screen, it will turn on. Just like on the iPhone last generations. Convenient.

How does iOS on the iPad Pro 2018

Here is the big revelation happened. You have already seen the new gestures in iOS 12 on iPad?

The new Pro no Home button, so the General became fully gesture like on the iPhone X. he Pulled the strip of bottom — left on Desk/shut the program down.

The control center is invoked from the top right corner. Just swipe down from the top, and ready. I can not understand the claims to such decision. Anyway, on the tablet. It is in this corner.

By the way, on the iPad this interaction with the iOS looks more Mature. Don’t know what it specifically involves, most likely, with a larger screen. In fact, you can put or attach the tablet in the case (it has a special magnetic bar) and use it with one hand without additional clicks.

Keyboard the iPad Pro are very similar to those in MacBooks. The buttons were a little bigger and the characters are located at the edges, by what remind desktop. Print on it is great, will eventually be able to do it blind — I speak as an owner of the iPad 4. To him even I got the hang of it, the more the clave get even more.

Just still do not understand why the cupertinos did not add a separate button for Emoji. It would be much easier to communicate emojis without switching keyboards back and forth.

It’s so powerful that it is unclear why

The iPad Pro 11 installed the most powerful on the market chip A12X Bionic. He performed on a 7-nanometer process, has 8 cores and 7‑core GPU.

Apple says that each of the cores is 35% faster than its predecessor, and twice as much graphics performance. But what’s really there, right in the course of the presentation it was noted that this tablet is more powerful than 92% of all sold PCs.

Here is a graphic of the figures:

The first table shows the time to convert 50 RAW files, the second shows the render time for a 12-minute 4K video. In both cases, smaller is better

Just unrealistic results that are superior to not just other tablets, but even the same MacBook Pro 13″.

The pace Apple has already overtaken most of the current top-end Intel processors Coffee Lake-U. Not far off, when cupertinos finally transferred “poppies” on their own chips. Perhaps it will happen in the next couple of years.

This thing looks really impressive. But there is one “but”. Who needs a cool iron?

No, seriously, what will you do with such power? Personally, I can’t imagine any scenario where this would be useful performance. Yes, Apple is positioning the iPad Pro 11″ as an ultra tablet for designers, DJs, and so on. In General, creative individuals.

iOS is still very limited in scope, and realise the potential of such a powerful chip is impossible. To upload the files from Mac to iPad is not very convenient to work with them without a fully open file system — even torture.

Loading the device is virtually nothing, because there is no software and peripherals, which could equalize the iPad Pro for the efficiency of operational tasks even with the cheapest MacBook. This is doubly sad, because the model 2018 are unrealistically good at everything.

Always want to squeeze out of it something useful in the work, you begin to come up with options and understand: no, I’ll take the MacBook will be faster.

But what really lured me is the high autonomy.

If your torture is not very strong, it will work, according to my calculations, about 13 hours. Moderate load — 9 hours. And if to squeeze out of him “all the juices”, then alas, it’s all quite obvious. Tablet enough hours to 4.

USB-C is, but no good. More precisely, it is not enough

Meet the brand new power adapter for the USB C
Personally for me it was frankly surprising that Apple decided to move away from Lightning and replace it with USB-C.

I thought that the first changes will start with the iPhone. However, the company decided to start with tablets.

Included is a new power adapter 18W. For the first time more powerful than other iPad. To charge USB-C it took me like an hour, well, maybe a little more. Just a huge difference in charging speed.

And thanks to the USB-C no longer need to search thousands of adapters to connect to new MacBook Air and Pro. And even to the Mac mini.

Please note that now the Smart Connector is at the bottom

However, there is at this port in the iPad Pro 2018 and a minus. Yes, you can connect external display, but it will just duplicate the desktop on a tablet, nothing more.

To expand the screen not in all apps. For example, Netflix and Keynote allow you to split the screen for dual display. Depends on the developers.

USB-C in this tablet is now very limited in their capabilities. It can be connected with external devices, but the functionality will be minimal. For example, a printer with him will not work.

And transfer videos and photos is limited to unilateral order (iPad only). The same audio is generally impossible to flip. I hope that in the future Apple will remove these restrictions.

Apple Pencil 2. There are real advantages?

First, it is possible to stick to the side panel of the new iPad Pro. And the tablet can charge the pencil without wires. I wonder what prevented Apple to do this before? It is so much easier!

Charges in 15 minutes

The magnets in both devices proved so powerful that you can easily wear them together. Personally, I have not turned out during use or accidentally throw a “pencil”.

Second, one facet of the Apple Pencil 2 became flat. The one he magnets to the tablet. She literally captures your hand and fingers. And due to the matte finish Pencil do not slip in your hand.

What can the new Apple Pencil 2?

Still can’t believe how Apple Pencil simulates a real pencil

Now you can touch the “pencil” at any point. Double tap on the lower part allows a quick change pencil eraser. Optionally, the gesture can be replaced by another in a particular application (third-party developers are already working on it).

Touch the locked screen of the new iPad Pro will automatically open Notes. Roughly speaking, you can start working with the device just one touch. Very logical thing.

Otherwise all functions remain the same.

It is a pity that Apple Pencil 2 still comes with the iPad Pro, but what can we do about it.

In the end. Whom to take and whom to wait?

No, it’s still a really good tablet. Perhaps the best that was created in Cupertino. If initially I was skeptical, but now everything has changed.

What to consider before purchasing:

1. You need to buy exclusively the owners of the old iPad Pro. Last year’s tablets still can rebuff the new. Well, or have to really want to upgrade right now.

2. If you are unsure of which size to choose (11″ or 12.9″) — take 11 inch. It is lighter, cheaper, and takes a lot of space. It can be easy to carry even in a small backpack.

3. If you need iPad for vidosic, social networks and web surfing, will stop better on the iPad 2018.

4. Apple Pencil 1st generation works with new iPad Pro, be prepared to pay 10 790 RUB over the updated version.

5. Think again, are you ready to use its maximum power. Do not take tablet 1 TB: just can’t score all that memory.

And don’t forget to take to the new iPad Pro Folio case. With it use of a tablet will be much easier.

Have app new feature: tap the camera icon to view all photos in the overview tab Picchu.

How much is an iPad Pro 2018 in Russia:

iPad Pro 11″

iPad Pro 11″ 64 GB Wi-Fi 65 990 rubles

iPad Pro 11″ 256GB Wi-Fi 77 990 rubles.

iPad Pro 11″ 512GB, Wi-Fi 93 990 rubles.

iPad Pro 11″ 1TB Wi-Fi 125 990 RUB.

iPad Pro 11″ 64GB Wi-Fi+LTE 77 990 rubles.

iPad Pro 11″ 256GB Wi-Fi+LTE 89 990 RUB.

iPad Pro 11″ 512GB, Wi-Fi+LTE 105 990 rubles.

iPad Pro 11″ 1TB Wi-Fi+LTE 137 990 RUB.

iPad Pro 12.9″

iPad Pro 12.9″ 64 GB Wi-Fi 81 990 RUB.

iPad Pro 12.9″ 256GB Wi-Fi 93 990 rubles.

iPad Pro 12.9″ 512GB, Wi-Fi 109 990 rubles.

iPad Pro 12.9″ 1TB Wi-Fi 141 990 RUB.

iPad Pro 12.9″ 64GB Wi-Fi+LTE 93 990 rubles.

iPad Pro 12.9″ 256GB Wi-Fi+LTE 105 990 rubles.

iPad Pro 12.9″ 512GB, Wi-Fi+LTE 121 990 RUB.

iPad Pro 12.9″ 1TB Wi-Fi+LTE 153 990 rubles.

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