The last known leak of the upcoming spring will probably be shown Apple iPhone SE 2. There are preconditions to that the new “budget” model will boost sales of Apple’s smartphone. However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose predictions are the most accurate in this matter, doubts such opinion.

He believes that by the end of 2020 will be supplied with about 20 million iPhone devices se2. However, in the case of successful companies, this number can increase up to 30 million.

Of course values are not so small, but the previous estimate, which was given by Ming-Chi Kuo most recently was higher — from 30 to 40 million. Reassessment he made after he consulted with suppliers of components. By the way, iPhone SE current generation has been bought 30 million times according to the second half of 2016, so the likelihood that we will see new record sales are quite low.

The major factor that will play in all of this the role of at least three:

The smartphone market in the after
Recent years has become more intense and this applies mainly to developed countries and markets. The prices of machines grow, the performance of the devices is already high in the medium budget segment, the quality is as tightened. All this leads to the fact that of all the gadgets are changing not so often
High competition from Android smartphones
The compactness of the new model will be worse than the iPhone SE 2 first generation. The new version will be based on the iPhone 8, while the old model was produced based on the iPhone 5S
Called iPhone SE 2 is also not yet entirely clear. But it is almost certain that the filling will be the same as the iPhone 8.

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