Apple has repeatedly told us about the benefits of the iPhone in their advertising campaigns. This time the Corporation decided to attract attention in an unusual way — by telling about the ideology of its main product. Materials were posted on the page “Why iPhone” on the company’s official website (unavailable for Russia and CIS).

According to Apple, the iPhone is more than just a device. This product incorporates the fundamental ideas, beliefs, and principles that the company adheres to for many years. Here are some of them:

Confidentiality and privacy.

We believe that privacy is a basic and fundamental human right. Your data is only yours. Some companies sell the personal information — we never do.

Recycling and disposal.

At a time when there is climate change, the environment and the rapid reduction of resources, even the smallest piece iPhone matters. So we worked for many years on a solution for recycling. After some time, we have developed “Daisy”, a robot that is able not only to disassemble the device, but also to extract from iPhone a small amount of rare metals, including in order to reuse them.


In 2017, all our production lines have obtained the certificate of conformity, which means no waste. All unnecessary materials are now recycled or reused. Some of them even used to generate energy. It’s all part of our ambitious goal of reaching a fully closed supply chain.

Renewable energy

Every time you send a message through iMessage, you help us reach our goal of a future in which everything runs on renewable energy. Our centers are currently working with the help of solar, hydropower and wind power or natural gas.

In the Apple emphasize that each step passed by the company in the process of development, manufacturing or even utilization of iPhone, is of particular importance. Such a reverent approach distinguishes Apple from other companies, and iPhone smartphones from other manufacturers.


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