Smartphone Apple iPhone XR 2 came into the spotlight after the publication of the insider new details. Mobile phone not yet happened — his appearance is expected in September 2019.

According to new data, Apple iPhone XR 2 will keep the aluminum casing and LCD screen, and a hideous cut in it. But the frame around the display should be noticeably thinner than the current iPhone XR, which is just a gigantic. The front camera will get a new sensor at 12 MP, while the rear has finally become a double. Its parameters are currently unknown, although mentioned a wide-angle and telephoto for panoramic shots and the optical zoom respectively.

Other changes in the iPhone XR wait 2, probably not worth it — there are rumors that he doesn’t even go to a new A13 processor, leaving the current A12. However, it is still quite enough. Well, the whole line of IPhones 2019 will differ little from batch 2018 all the global changes, Apple has postponed the next 2020.

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