Apple and Qualcomm continue patent war, and to give no one is going — despite the fact that “Apple” company was acquitted on one charge, a second case may lead to a complete ban on importing iPhones from China to the United States. Now before the summer Apple will have to defend their rights and do not allow the limitation of sales of gadgets, the demand for which is already experiencing not the best times.

Import of iPhones under threat

The international trade Commission of the United States of America has considered two cases regarding the patent disputes between Apple and Qualcomm. Interestingly, one of these cases was resolved in favor of the “Yabloko”, and the second in favor of the manufacturer of microchips.

As for the allegations of unlawful use of energy-saving technologies, the court sided with Apple. But the case on patent infringement on ways to improve the speed and quality of loading data to cupertinos could not win — the judge ruled that Apple was guilty, which could lead to banning the import of iPhones from China to the United States.

In particular, the company will have to stop selling gadgets that have Qualcomm processors — it’s about the chips A10, A11 and A12. They are present in the iPhones, starting with iPhone 7 to iPhone X.

This decision is not final, then it will be transmitted to the panel of judges will deliver a verdict on 26 July 2019. Then it can be further considered by the President of the United States Donald trump.

The official representative of Qualcomm expressed gratitude to the judge for his decision.

“We Express our appreciation to judge McNamara for the recognition of the infringement of our patents by Apple for its recommendation to impose a ban on imports of iPhones,” said Qualcomm General counsel don Rosenberg.

Apple, in turn, expressed confidence that his litigation Qualcomm is trying to “divert attention from serious problems, for example, a private monopolistic business practices”.

Representatives of the “Apple” of the company stated that it will continue to defend their rights in court.

In December last year, a Chinese court has decided to suspend sales in China seven smartphone models of the Apple iPhone because of the Qualcomm lawsuit, which accuses Apple of violating patents. The judge also imposed a provisional ban on imports of some iPhones. Shortly thereafter, the same decision was made by the court in Germany.

Due to disputes with Qualcomm, Apple had to cooperate with another chip maker — Intel. Now in the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR installed the Intel processors, so these models on the market is not in danger.

No more standing in line

This week, Apple held a presentation of its new services by inviting a record number of stars of show business. However, many analysts and ordinary users agree that the event went extremely boring and does not correspond to “brand” the event Apple, which used to be a colorful show.

Legendary ex-Apple Executive guy Kawasaki spoke in an interview with CNBC, saying that the company is gradually losing its status as innovator.

“What is the innovation Apple? I want a product that touched the strings of my soul. Something that would make me as a fool to stand in line at the Apple store the night before the start of sales. Now people are not in these lines,” said Kawasaki.

He noted that people are buying iPhones and iPads, and know that they are getting better and better, but clients require otherwise.

“People want Apple thought with new categories, and not only improved those gadgets that they have,” — said the businessman.

According to guy Kawasaki, Apple fell into his own trap, with his too high expectations, to overcome which now.

As for the success of the new Apple services that were adopted by experts with a high degree of skepticism, then Kawasaki is configured positively.

“Whether they achieve success? Based on my experience, it would be foolish to bet against Apple. The skepticism that greeted the Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, retail stores — in every case, the experts predicted Apple’s crash. In each of these cases, the experts made a mistake,” concluded guy Kawasaki.

It is known that the value of Apple’s stock continues to fall after the launch of new services. As noted, after the event, the share price fell 2% to $187,37 per share. She then continued to fall and decreased by 1% to $186,79 per share.

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