Recently became aware of a new major lawsuit against Apple. According to reports, several residents of the state of Michigan, and Rhode island accusing kupertinovtsy in selling personal data of users of iTunes without their consent.

According to the plaintiffs, anyone can buy data iTunes users. If the buyer also has the option to purchase data based on certain parameters. The plaintiffs argue that the list of the 1000 names of unmarried women with higher education, with income more than $80,000 and listening to country music will have to pay only $ 136. The prices listed on the websites of Carney Direct Marketing and SRDS.

In addition, the authors of the lawsuit noted that Apple did not prevent third-party developers to collect user data. To do this, iOS has a function of MPMediaQuery.songsQuery() the MediaPlayer framework. The latter gives the opportunity to collect the metadata for songs purchased in iTunes or Apple Music and tapped using third-party players.

Cupertinos has not commented on the situation. However, if the court will side with plaintiffs, for the company it can become a serious blow to the reputation. In the past Apple has repeatedly stated that for them the user data is not a commodity.

It is worth noting that the plaintiffs do not require the Apple exorbitant amounts: $ 5,000 compensation for all the victims from Michigan and $ 250 for residents of Rhode island. Figures are based on the privacy law of each state.


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